IDC Report on “Conversational AI in the Era of COVID-19”

Uniphore solution recognized by IDC for solving real problems during COVID-19 crisis

When call centers around the world are flooded with customer calls, conversational AI comes calling to transform CX and call center agent experience alike. This timely report by IDC on “Conversational AI in the Era of COVID-19” sheds light on how organizations can choose the right Conversational AI solutions and capabilities. There are specific examples of technology offerings and initiatives and detailed advice for the technology buyer too.

So, if your organizational call center needs to adjust to the new reality then this IDC Report is a must-read. When cost concerns loom large and WFH is the norm, Conversational AI and automation solutions make it easy to run your call center from virtually anywhere and ace customer service. Uniphore is pleased to be recognized as one of the leading companies providing Conversational AI solutions that can help solve real problems now.

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Automatically Identify Customer Complaints

Ensure agents are in compliance with your regulations

Monitor CSAT and Customer Sentiment

Increase visibility into agent and customer behavior

Automated agent quality monitoring & scoring

Smart auditing and QA/agent feedback loop

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